Saturday, September 14, 2013

These shoes were made for walking...

I just bought a brand new pair of walking shoes.  I admit that I am a little bummed that I cannot try them out today.  I am recovering from some kind of cold bug and thought it wise to not exert myself util I know I can get through tomorrow's sermon without incident!

It has been almost a year since I purchased walking shoes - my last ones almost had a hole in them.  But, they are officially retired as of today.  They were good shoes and they carried me through my first Avon Walk with nary a blister.

But, as I look at my new shoes, I feel hopeful.

Where will these shoes carry me?
When I retire them, what things will have happened in my life?
How many miles will they clock?
How many secrets will these shoes hear?
How many world problems will my walking buddy and I solve while I wear these shoes?
How many times will I walk my dog in these shoes?
How many times will I reach down and scratch his ears?
How many picture perfect days will these shoes see?
How many issues will I sort out while walking in these shoes?
Will these shoes see me through any crisis?
How many sermon ideas will come to me while I'm in these shoes?
How much inspiration will these shoes lead me to see?
To which adventures will these shoes direct my feet?

It really wasn't just a pair of shoes that I bought today.  It was my sanity!  And, thanks be to God for good shoes, good friends, and long walks....and what a blessing it is when they all come together.