Sunday, January 3, 2016

Where I'm From - Word Made Flesh Edition

Over the summer,  I took our "church ladies" on their annual retreat to Christmount - one of our exercises was a writing exercise based on the poem "Where I'm From."  You can read about the poem here and you can read the retreat efforts here.

I thought about this poem as I pondered John 1:1-18 and the word becoming flesh.  Jesus, no doubt, would have a very colorful "Where I'm From" poem.  So, I took a little creative liberty and wrote "Where I'm From," the Word Made Flesh Edition.

I’m from sawdust piles and dinner tables, from fishing boats and healing mud.  
I am from unknown years lost to history, and imagination set on fire – it feels mysterious and as inviting as the taste of fresh baked bread.  
I am from olive trees and salt water stinging a blistered heel.  
I’m from silly puns and storytelling late at night, 
from Joseph with a bruised thumb that got caught between hammer and nail, and 
Mary with her spontaneous singing that seems to welcome the world.  
I’m from weird cousins, and Peter, James, and John, from Martha and Mary. 
I’m from laughing at inappropriate times and overstaying my welcome.  
I’m from “Child, why have you worried us like this?” 
and “I’m your mother, that’s why.”  
I’m from Yahweh, the God of my ancestors, 
from faith that commands me to love – God, neighbor, and enemy.  
I’m from Bethlehem or Nazareth, depending on which book you read.  
I’m from red wine and broiled fish.   
I’m from God’s heart with choirs of angels singing into the night.  
I’m from a teen-aged girl awkwardly greeting exotic kings bearing incense and oils. 
I’m from an old book with gold-trimmed yellowed pages curling up at the edges.  
I am from flesh.  I am from heaven.  
I am from diapers.  I am from Gloria in excelsis Deo.  
I am from shepherds.  I am from stars. 
I am from the word.  I am the word.  
I am from everywhere.  I am from nowhere.  
I am the word becoming flesh and pitching a tent in a camp full of nobodies, and together, we become somebody, so that I can be born in the heart of everybody.”