Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Where I'm From

We just returned from our eighth annual women's retreat.  Our first exercise was based on a poem called "Where I'm From."  This first poem is my example to our rockin' church ladies.

The second poem is their version to share with the congregation.

Where I'm From

I'm from piano keys and stacks of music yellowed with age
from folded Kleenex
and orange Tang
I am from bricks and small towns
and smelling like pot roast
I am from dogwoods
and blackberry bushes
with fruit for granny's cobblers
I am from naps on Sunday afternoons
and operatic arias rising up from the steam of a shower
from Dan and Jane, Elizabeth and Clarence, Mattie and Hobson
I'm from orchestras and theatre
study and good grades
I'm from "Roll Tide" and "Surely to the Lord"
and "Every man for himself"
I'm from "Just as I am" and "I Surrender All"
from "Amazing Grace" and "Jesus Loves Me"
I'm from North Carolina and Alabama
from peppermints and mashed potatoes
I'm from church choirs that never watched closely enough
and piano students who never practiced hard enough
I'm from music
its notes chasing each other into the melody that is my life.

Where We're From

We are from Rocking Chairs.
From colored pencils, pink alarm clocks, and Alka Seltzer tablets.
We are from Cake Night.
Shaking It Off while we Shut Up and Dance. 
It looked like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain or maybe Blurred Lines, but it made us Happy
We are from Black Mountain
               Where Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.
We are from the hymns that make us Smile Like We Were Saved and Wake Us Up to the possibilities.
We are from Johnny and Ben, Bobo and Amy the Unicorn.
We are from Fanny Tucking and praying in color.
From     No Pressure But…….
               and Clear Hearts and Clear Minds
We are from Let There Be Peace On Earth and second chances.
We are Wilson’s Mills Christian Church
               The Bread and the Cup. 
Where all are Welcome
               and We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us
We are Sarah & Paula, Tanya & LeAnne, Lea & Melanie, Janet & Pat
We are Susie & Carrie, Kristine & Lynn, Linda & Sheree & Regena
We are Claudia & Jane & Lynda, Ginny & Heather, Trudy & Rose
From the Prayer Walk that opened our eyes to wonder, our ears to listen, relieved us of our worries and reminded us to intentionally meet God each day.
We are from the small but mighty trying to bring Joy to Every Heart.

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  1. Writing a poem about who you are because of from where you came must have been stirring and cathartic. Thank you for sharing these.