Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home sweet home

Home at last! Through a GPS mishap, I ended up driving through Washington DC yesterday at rush hour...there was nothing rushed about that, let me tell you. I spent almost 3 hours in the DC area, and that set me back. So, my best plans of driving home and processing these last few weeks and thinking about all that I heard and read, pffft. Down the drain! I had to stay alert and oriented which was best achieved in the last few hours of my drive by listening to the 80's on 8 at Sirius XM. Lucky for me, they were counting down the top 40 from 1988 which was right in the middle of college years. So, I knew all the songs and sang as loud as I could until I pulled into our driveway at around 11:15 PM. And, Max was at the door waiting...just about to wag his tail off. I mean, family members can hug you, cats can let you pick them up...but a dog wagging a tail in joy of your arrival? Beautiful!

Today I've not felt like doing a lot - I will say that I've taken three two far. LOVE not wearing flip-flops and not having to tote a shower caddy at all times. It is so good to be home, back with familiar faces, familiar roads, and finally a home cooked meal! YUM! And, the Mister has been working very hard on replacing flooring in our living room (which looks stellar - I won't be embarrassed to invite you all over anymore) and in our kitchen...which will look spectacular. It's just taking a little time to finish up.

I think I'm ready for church tomorrow - hope to get back in my groove this week. More later -

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