Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two more nights

Almost....there....I think I can, I think I can. Not that I am anxious to come home, but I have already started to load my car! Today was kind of gloomy - cloudy and then stormy and then rainy. But, it the midst of all of that, a few of us went to lunch in the little town of Madison, and one of my classmates treated us all! That was really nice. That reminds me - I need to visit an ATM tomorrow to get some cash to pay all those tolls on my drive home. I hope I've programmed my GPS correctly - I want to drive home on a different route than the one that I drove up. So, we'll see...

In class, we took a field trip on the internet. None of us ended up where we started - it was an exercise in the post-modern world.

We have had some really good discussions in this class, and the professor has promised that we will get to the hope. I'm ready for the hope. It's read history. You read what is happening now. You read about the future. And, then you read about the cycles that just keep repeating themselves. And, you wonder what faith really looks like and feels like. Well, maybe you don't wonder, but I do! I wonder if there is a difference between Christian issues and Jesus issues...hmmm, future sermon material there!

Anyway, it's been thought provoking, and I've taken good notes, so I can chew on it all after I get home.

Two papers turned in today, one for Friday, and I'll have one left.

I'm on it!

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