Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rockin' Class

There is no way to fully capture the awesomeness of St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, but this is a picture I took today when I went for a walk. It's HUGE. Notice the doggie playground. And, they also have a large field for agility training...they were having a agility training today, and as some poor soul took her dog through the course, he got loose and decided to play with with another dog...both owners were flailing around after their dogs, and I stood on the road for a minute and laughed at them. They looked funny, and I've so been there in the dance of training a stubborn little dog. Obedience training with Peanut? Tough, let me tell you.

The other funny thing about my mental health walks is my music. I don't normally listen to music when I walk, but since I'm by myself, it is kind of fun. My collection of music is just weird - I mean, today, I heard Mozart, Twisted Sister, and Etta James. What a soundtrack.

Loved, loved, loved class today. This professor is GOOD. We talked about generational issues today and the historical cycles that we find ourselves in, and how our churches fit into all of that, if at all. What I am learning is that "the times, they are a'changin'" and some churches are preparing and engaging and trying not to let fear get the best of them, and some churches are digging in and putting up walls to keep the changing times out.

And, what do we do with all of that? How do we embrace changing times and changing people and changing rules and still be faithful? How do we have faithful conversations with those who may not agree with us? What are our priorities? Do we build stronger walls or set out into the wilderness to see what's there? And, where is the Holy Spirit in all of it? Pay attention to that Spirit, because that's the direction my little dissertation project is going.

Lots of stuff to ponder...and papers to write. Have turned in two so far this week, and we've only had two days of class! But, I'll try not to complain. This is just the kind of class I hoped to be in, and I am loving it! Maybe I'm a nerd, but this is exactly the stuff that I like to think about and read about...these conversations keep me excited in ministry. Here, they are safe conversations to have.

That's it for tonight. And, praise God and Hallelujah that I only have 3 more nights in this dorm!

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