Friday, July 27, 2012

Groundhog Day!

First of all, here are those big fat groundhogs that I've mentioned before. They live underneath the sidewalk, and they have little places all over that area of campus where they just disappear. Now you see them, now you don't. Wouldn't it be great if we all had those little places where we could just disappear at will?

Today marks the 2/3 point of this little adventure. And, I am feeling it. I am tired and kind of grumpy, so I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday. If the weather is good, I hope to take a long walk and then spend the afternoon in the library and the evening in my tiny, sad room writing! I can't believe I can't watch the Olympics! Planning to go back to Peapack on Sunday for church.

Now, the interesting class is coming next week. It's called Ministry on the Frontier, and it's had some odd readings. Plus, we have received more than one email from the professor saying that he uses 'raw' language, whatever that means. I have spoken with some of his former students who say that he is a great teacher, but that he uses the language to make the case that it is the language of the world, and we have to be able to speak the world's language...that may be, but don't be expecting a potty mouth in the WMCC pulpit! I just find it curious that he keeps sending warnings.

Whatever the case, I need to review my books for that class. It has been a while since I read them.

I'm not sure who, if anybody, is really reading this blog. But, if you are, thank you.

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  1. Tim and I are reading and enjoying the blog. The kids liked the picture of the groundhog. I'm glad to hear you're walking. October is coming fast! :0). Enjoy the rest of your time and be safe coming home. We will be glad to have you back.