Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another day

I may not have exercised my best judgment in signing up for this night class! It is called "Reading as a Spiritual Discipline." I thought it would be a lot of 'spiritual' readings and exercises, but it seems to be more theory and history from two very smart professors who like to talk...a lot...when it's 9:30 PM and time to go! Tonight, I finally had to say that I had no idea how our discussion related reading as a spiritual discipline. But, I only have one more week of night classes with those guys, and during my third week, I have classes that run during the day.

Today, in my methodology class, I had to give a more detailed presentation of what I hope to accomplish with my project. I was very pleased with how it was received. For so long, this project has been a scary mystery hovering over the future, but I am starting to get excited about it now. Hopefully, it will be a meaningful ministry at WMCC.

I went for another pretty walk this morning and still had about half an hour to get in some piano practice time before heading to the library. Although I don't have free access to the music building, if I get there at the right time, a nice man unlocks a practice room for me. They have a Steinway in there!

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