Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday! Finally!

So glad it was Saturday today and no class...and the SUN was shining!

I got an early start this morning. Keeping a coffee pot in my room helps (with Cafe Bustelo, of course). I spent the morning looking at scripture for my next sermon. And, yes, I know that is 2 weeks away, but given my schedule during those two weeks and the amount of time I'll have in Wilson's Mills to prepare (1 day), I thought it best to at least look at the scripture.

Then, I completed my 'illumination.' This is a project for my reading class, which simply described, an illustration of a Psalm. I'm going with Psalm 100. The women's retreat is still a source of inspiration when it comes to a joyful noise! I had started working on this project earlier in the week, but I think I finished it today.

So, about 2 PM, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went for a long walk. I think I went about 7 miles, and of course, I passed by St. Hubert's again. A bunch of dogs were outside having a class in obedience. I found out why this facility is is impressive - it's funded by the wife of the CEO of the Dodge company. Really, it looks like a small campus. I'd love to go inside.

After my walk, I sneaked into the music building and practiced the piano. Edith will be proud!

My classmates and I went to dinner tonight, and then I've been hunkered over my desk working on the first draft of my project 'prospectus.' 'Prospectus' is just a fancy word for plan. The good news is that I have the first draft done, and now all I need to finish up is a proposed bibliography. Of course, all of this will be hashed out in our fall seminars, but I feel very lucky to be as far along as I am. Some of the other methodology classes are struggling - I've got the right teacher for this class!

Tomorrow, I head to Peapack for church, and I imagine I will spend the afternoon working on another paper. It's amazing the amount of work you can get done without the TV...or a dog...or two cats being cute.

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