Monday, July 16, 2012

Today in pictures...

Today, I walked all over this campus "with a knapsack on my back." Does anybody else know that song? It is really quite lovely. Lots of trees and lots of historical buildings. In fact, it is called the Forest.
We spent all day in Seminary Hall. We started at 8:30 this morning with introductions. There are about 40 of us from all over the country and then some! We have one student from St. Kitts and one student from Haiti. The diversity here is very good. This afternoon, we received our first instructions on formatting for our dissertation...mercy! That. is. all. And, then, we got a full introduction to all of the resources in the library. That was impressive. So many journals and even books are available from the library in an electronic format.
Now, such as it is, I am glad to be my dorm. I thought that my night class went until 9PM. As it turns out, it goes until 9:30 PM. The good news is that this was the class I was most dreading, and I do believe it will be interesting and even helpful. We have two professors who are very passionate about their subjects. That makes all the difference in the world. So, tomorrow, I have the morning off. I plan to go for a walk and then work on an assignment. If I get lucky, maybe I can fit in some piano practice!

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