Sunday, July 29, 2012


Happy Sunday! Blogger seems to be working a little bit better today. Earlier this morning, I went back to Peapack to attend the "Guiding Light" church. They have a lovely sanctuary. Their minister is not long-winded at all - I think she wrapped up the sermon in less than 10 minutes. She used a phrase that I liked (so you WMCCers' might hear it again): "There is no place that God is not." Well, I'm not sure about this dorm.... Seriously, that thought kind of feeds into my dissertation project - the Spirit of God is indeed everywhere, and we must do what we can to plug into it. "There is no place God is not."

Afterwards, I located the cemetery where many of the GL funerals were held, and look at the good company I had!

After poking around Peapack - how's that for alliteration - I drove back to Madison, gassed up the car - I don't think I'll be driving too much before I leave on Friday, and I can tell you this - I don't want to run out of gas on the New Jersey Turnpike!

I've spent the afternoon reviewing the books that I have for this week's class and finishing up some papers. My goal is to come home with only one paper due...even better if I can get that one paper down to half a paper. But, what that means is that I have to work really hard between now and then because I have four others to finish! Writing is the key to this program. Those students who struggle with writing are struggling with the whole thing. It's non-stop - so it's a good thing I like to write! (Well, ok, I'm tired of it now, but you know what I mean).

It looks like the sun is peeping out - maybe it will stop raining long enough to get a walk in...need to escape from behind this computer!

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