Sunday, August 26, 2012


What a full day! I got to church early this morning to study up on the lesson for Pastor's Class. We were discussing the Holy Spirit, and I have not felt like my lessons so far have been overly exciting...and the Holy Spirit really IS exciting, but how do you talk about that in a way that makes sense to middle schoolers? I think we found some common ground with a couple of Harry Potter clips. The Weasley's fireworks were a good start!

Then, we had church, and I am so glad that the summer crowd is about to morph into the fall crowd. Afterwards...nominating committee and worship committee...a short walk with sweet Max...

....and then, finishing up a paper. Not just any paper. My LAST paper due for the summer session. That means my last paper due for my doctoral classes. That means my doctoral classes are over. Oh, yes, I still have to go for my colloquiums this fall to plan for my professional project and dissertation. But, the classwork is OVER! From this point on, it is all dissertation!

I've put off reading the books I borrowed from the Drew library until this paper was done and dusted. But, now, I can start reading and planning and moving on. You know, last year at this time, I was anxious about starting and anxious about meeting all of these new people. For introverts like me, meeting lots of new people all at once is exhausting. But, it's done - I'm in it now - the three week intensive is over - and I think I can finish.

God is good.

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